Work in Progress: Qipau Dress for International Fashion Education Centre, Shanghai, April/May 2013

In March the Glassforms Studio embarked on a major commission, a sculpture in slump moulded glass of a traditional Chinese Qipau dress. The piece has been commissioned by the Shanghai International Fashion Education Centre as a focal point for the Library of their brand new building, still under construction (see pic >
Max’s design for the dress as a full length evening gown was made up in the Chinatown district of Shanghai and then shipped to the UK. The combined forces of Max, Mimi Norrgren and Jeff Rogers then set to work, converting the silk dress in to a full length silicone mould with fiberglass casing.
The design for the dress features a subtle blue fade from base to top with a spray of white jasmine flowers that starts on the left shoulder moving across the breast around the waist and ends up on the left hip above the white bordered slit.The panels have been created in Artista glass first fusing graded blue frits along the length then slumping over moulds in the kiln. The flower design is then fused on top before cutting , drilling and heat polishing the Patchwork style sections. The panels will have been in the kiln four times before they are considered ready for stitching back together.
Mimi and Jeff have been working on the project since the start and the workshop as a whole has developed massively in it’s ability to handle large scale mould-making based projects.
The following images show work in progress during March and April.

Lisa the model on the bench.

Lisa the model on the bench.


Qipau Dress in Black Silk, rear view


Blue Fade frits for rear panels


Dress covered in silicone skin mould.


Silicone Mould, front.


Mimi and Jeff admire fiberglass case mould.



Jeff working on investment slumping moulds



Moulded panels for rear torso and waist.

Fertile Landscapes

Fertile Landscape 3Fertile Landscape 3For the ‘Untold Stories’ Solo show at Zest Gallery in May I created a new series of pieces in cast crystal using the female figure as inspiration. Here the sections of the body that were cast from life are rendered almost abstract. Being tightly framed within a block that allows us to see beneath the surface where life is growing. In this way the piece makes a strong connection between man and the landscape or if you like nature in man.
Since the exhibition one piece has sold at SOFA New York and one has been commissioned. I have also had two of the landscapes accepted for the 2008 Biennale so they will make an appearance at Stourbridge this summer.

Fertile Landscape 3Fertile Landscape 3

Pictures from Glasrijk,Tubbergen

On September 31st I boarded the ferry to Ostend with Albion in a coffin on the roof of my car and the two scarecrows boxed up in the boot. You can imagine the looks I got from the customs officers. There was a lot of explaining to do!

After a long drive across Belgium and most of Holland I arrived in the quaint Village of Tubbergen where once a year the entire population and that of the surrounding towns goes crazy about glass for a whole week. Glasrijk means Glass Rich in Dutch and there certainly was glass everywhere, even in the local hairdressers.

Dogmatic Scarecrow

My pieces were installed in a small triangular wood in between the Swimming pool, the Eetcafe Fox and the Old People’s home. There was a constant coming and going of people even at night. I had set up my three figures with focussed outdoor spots so it gave a very theatrical air to the group after dark. There were a number of other great pieces including an installation by Belgian artist Inge Goosens filling a small tree with cast glass light bulbs that looked wonderful at night with my prodigal Scarecrow pointing the way !

Prodigal Scarecrow with pear tree

Also late on the last day the evening sun came through the trees to reveal the colours and patchwork patterns to spectacular effect.

Albion - The Green Man at GlasrijkProdigal Scarecrow

Glasrijk Tubbergen was a unique event – a real mixture of quality and types of work including some extraordinary installations in containers. It ran from the 3rd to the 7th Oct more info can be found at

Green man at Kijkduin, Holland 2007

In June 2007 I participated in the 4th Sculpture Biennale Kijkduin. Entitled ‘Reflections by the Sea’ the event used the seafront setting of the Southern Coastal resort of Kijkduin near The Hague. After two successful years of presenting outdoor sculpture this year the theme was concerned with light. Curated by Angela Van Der Burght the beachfront Plaza featured a fascinating collection of installations in glass and mixed media.

Albion photographed by AC Berkheiser the famous Book Artist from NYC
My piece was to be housed under the lighthouse or what translates as ‘Fire Tower” in Dutch.

Max and David Pratt photographed by Lindsey Pratt

The space beneath the tower was transformed utilizing turfs of beachgrass and spotlighting. The figure represented something of a fertility symbol as it confronted the concrete plaza with an ‘oasis of green’

.Albion emerges from his 'Garden' of dune grass beneath the light tower.

Opened by Queen Beatrix of Holland on the 31st June the exhibition continued throughout July and attracted many thousands of visitors.

Max and Queen Beatrix

I met some lovely people at the show including the British artist David Pratt. His background is in drawing but for the Sculpture Biennal he presented a flying greenhouse covered in the most beautiful engravings. a really unique and special piece it can be seen at Goodwood Sculpture Park or by googling The Cass Foundation.

David Pratt's fantastical engraved greenhouse by night. Photo by Lindsey Pratt Max and David Pratt photographed by Lindsey Pratt

For more information about Kijkduin go to

For more info on the European scene see Angela Van Der Burght’s new magazine F….